PremierIT Managed Service - CoLocation Server
Features Include


2U’s of Rack Space in Our Data Center (Extra Space available for $100/U/Month)
High-speed Shared Bandwidth (Dedicated Bandwidth $100/MB/month)
Redundant Loop Internet on 9 Carriers
Fire Detection & Suppression System using FM200 Clean Agent (Fire Suppression system snuffs out the fire with no water to protect your servers)
Redundant Loop Power, with 2N UPS units & N+1 Generator System (Multiple levels of power protections, from Battery Backup Units to Gas Powered Generators)
Multi-Level Biometric & Proximity Card System (Your systems are protected with Fort Knox like security)
Patrol Facility 24/365 & Recorded Digital Video (Guards on patrol 24/7/365)
SAS 70 Certified Type II Facility
Highest Quality Antivirus/Antispyware Program (Nightly virus & spyware scans while you sleep)
Free Virus Removal (If a virus does slip past the AV removal is included)
Includes Local File/Folder Backup of Data to Our Secure Backup Storage Device
Remote Desktop Support Capability (Faster response times & saves money when you need help)
Server Hardware & Software Inventory Reports
(What hardware/software is installed on your PC?)
Automated Operating System Cleanup & Basic Tune-up (Reports and fixes many problems)
Automated Microsoft Windows Patching & Updates (Does not include service packs & major updates that require manual assistance)
Monthly Review of Applied Patches & System Status
** System Resource Checks (To make sure everything is running at peak performance)
Review, Testing & Evaluation of MS Patches & Upgrades by National Technical Service before Installation
** Scheduled PC Image Creation & Data Backup ** (Allows for Fast Disaster Recovery, saving you money!)
7x24 Monitoring of Your Computer. (Review starts within the hour after we receive any automatic alerts)
Backup & Restore Telephone Assistance Included
Secure Access to your Own Server from our Web Portal
We provide Storage Device for Images/Files (More than a $600 value)
** Unlimited Server support (save from hundreds to thousands of dollars in unexpected computer costs)

** Pertains to this specific system only and only OS, basic software or pre-approved software w/ current support agreement. Custom software may be billed separately.
One-time Setup fee of $50/PC for the first two PCs and/or $199/Server to cover preparation & installation time.