Our Mission: Our Passion
Premier Technology LLC was formed in 1999 to provide high return on investment technology solutions to businesses in Iowa.

Since then we have expanded to offering our products and services to not just business, but residential customers as well.

Why We Are Different
We are one of very few full-service information technology firm that specializes in offering turnkey technology solutions to businesses in Iowa that increase productivity, functionality, and allow you to get more from your technology dollar.

We can provide you a full suite of solutions to manage every aspect of your network. That way, you get the benefits of more functionality from every computer, excellent training for your users, real-time information for all network activity, lower costs for software licensing, and access to software and data from home.

We offer Managed IT Services to provide service and support 24/7. Once setup we can handle everything from updates to virus protection to offsite backup of your data. You will be kept up to date on all related activites through email reports and our web portal. We do all the work and you get all the reward.


We also build all of our own desktop system and servers. Each piece is tested individually and then tested as a whole to ensure its quality and performance. We also provide the service and support for these systems. We have friendly knowledgable representatives to personally work with you to answer your questions or solve your problems.

What We Offer

"We believe in producing results, and we get them, which is why most new clients come via word of mouth from current clients."

In the beginning...

Premier Technology was formed in rural Iowa nearly 12 years ago. Premier Technology began by offering Computer Repair, Network Design/Administration, and Web Design.

Since our humble beginnings we have moved into Desktop and Server Sales, Web Programming, Managed Services and Business Technology Consulting. Originally it offered these services to mainly the Cedar Valley, but has expanded its area to support business and residential clients across the Midwest.

Our Team
Great People = Great Team
Our business is fast paced, high stress, abnormal hours, constant study, and precision work. To work in this industry you need to be able to handle and perform all of these. Our people can & do everyday.

Our Employees
Premier Technology has employees from all walks of life and skillsets. We celebrate their diversity as it makes us better.

Technician Utilities

""I bought my computer from Premier this past summer. The price was very comparable to the large computer manufacturers. The best part, though, is the personal assistance they provide. When I took my computer home and plugged it in, nothing showed up on the screen but a bright, blurry line. I called Josh at Premier and he quickly determined my monitor was an older one and the resolution was set too high. He stayed after hours so I could bring the computer in to have the resolution reset. If I had purchased my computer through a large manufactuer, I would have had to call a support person located in another country, and it probably would have taken a great deal longer to resolve the problem."
Deb Holt